Someone subscribed to my blog

while i tried to check my incoming mail…i saw something different. unusually, i received an email came from wordpress. they told me that ‘Someone subscribed to your blog’…
Howdy, Someone just subscribed to your blog, ade truna’s Blog. This means they will get an email every time you publish a post. Congratulations. Their email address is ****, and they appear to be from Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia| Thanks for flying with WordPress!

it’s chill out! I’ve been very surprising since i knew it… It means i have to responsible by posting useful stuff for every single article, yay!!! []

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Tentang bf

blogaforeva, maksudnya nge-blog terus jangan pernah bosan. Seperti memiliki istri, punya blog lebih dari satu :mrgreen: What?! ©2011
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